Create AI models from an Excel Spreadsheet
— Coming Soon!

Yantra allows you to create AI models by uploading your excel data. No coding required. Subscribe to get free access to our beta when it's ready!

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You don't need technical knowledge to create AI models

We will take care of complicated engineering work. Just upload your Excel Spreadsheet or CSV file and start building AI models in a few minutes!

Save your data in Excel

It could be time series data, financial forecast, text data, and many more

Upload your Excel Data

Upload to Yantra

Start making Predictions!

Start making predictions in a few minutes. It could be time series predictions, regression or classification.


Share your AI models with others! They can use your AI model right from the Yantra's webpage or REST API.

Pay only based on the Accuracy of your Model

Train your model as many times as you want for a single flat rate of $6. Only pay if the accuracy of your model is more than 70%. If the model accuracy is less than 70%, pay nothing!

$6 /if accuracy > 70%
  • Unlimited Predictions
  • No restriction on dataset size
  • No restriction on model size
  • API Support for Developers

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